Yamaha waverunner starting problems

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Yamaha waverunner starting problems

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Why a WaveRunner Won’t Start or Accelerate [And How To Fix It]

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Problems with NEW Yamaha waverunners. Thread starter mdsnvb Start date Jul 7, Tagged users None. This is not a thread trying to bash a certain brand but a curious question.

These are new and have less than 10 hrs. Thanks Yamaha ex and ex sports check engine lights coming on over heating code and 2 of them are cavetating with no debri found.Remember Me? Sea Doo. Jet Boat. Blacktip Jetsports. Riding Gear. Trailer Parts.

yamaha waverunner starting problems

Gift Certificates. Jet Ski Lanyards. Jet Ski Traction Mats. PWC Seat Covers. PWC Covers. PWC Dry Bags. Jet Ski Boarding Steps. Results 1 to 2 of 2. Thread: yamaha waverunner III starting problem.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Last summer we would have to put a lil gas in the intake and then it would run fine for the rest of the day. When i took it out this year, i had to put the gas, but if i let it sit for 10 minutes or so, it wont start back up without the gas in the intake.

I have gone through the hoses and there are no leaks. I even installed a clear hose from the filter to the carb to insure that i couldnt see any air. Thanks for any help.

JetSki Solutions. If don't have access to parts close by, we stock all Mikuni rebuild parts. We also offer a rebuild service if you don't want to fool with it. Welcome to PWC Today!! High Torque Starters. Graphite Coated Anodized Pistons.

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Cylinder Exchange.Approach the troubleshooting process for your Yamaha WaveRunner as you would a book; start at the beginning -- for the WaveRunner, the electrical system -- and move through the process in a logical and straightforward manner, always asking yourself what comes next, that could cause this problem.

You'll need to connect and disconnect the battery a few times while you work through the troubleshooting process, and you must contain any fuel spills as well. Inspect the wiring for loose or ratty connections, or corroded terminals. Replace any terminals or wires that are not in excellent condition.

Turn the dial of a digital multimeter to the DC voltage reference. The battery should read Move the black probe to the IGN terminal on the key switch. Move the red probe to the positive terminal on the starter.

Expect low or no resistance. If there is resistance, switch probes, using the black probe instead of the red probe.

Disconnect the battery using the proper wrenches and compare all circuits to the wiring diagram in the service manual. Replace any damaged wiring and tighten any loose connections. Place the lock plate — on the end of the emergency shut-down lanyard — on the emergency shutdown plate, on the port, or left, handlebar before you try to start the motor. Open the fuel tank and ensure you have new fuel. Open the fuel-shut off valve from the tank.

Reconnect the battery, starting with the red, positive wire. Do not crank the engine for more than 15 seconds. After a failed start attempt, allow the starter motor to rest for at least 15 seconds before you attempt to start the motor again.

After the third attempt, wait for one minute for attempting a restart.

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Disconnect the battery again. Position a catch-basin beneath the fuel line and squeeze the primer bulb until fuel flows from the fuel hose. Reconnect the battery and attempt to start the engine. Will Charpentier is a writer who specializes in boating and maritime subjects. A retired ship captain, Charpentier holds a doctorate in applied ocean science and engineering.

He is also a certified marine technician and the author of a popular text on writing local history. Step 1 Inspect the wiring for loose or ratty connections, or corroded terminals. About the Author.I love my Sea-doo Jet Ski. It delivers one of the best cruising experiences on water. Oswald, my year old son would do anything just to ride with me. What would you do if your Jet Ski breaks down in the middle of the ocean? Are you prepared?

You can use an anchor buoy. Our pick. It helps a lot. Also recommended. Jet Skis are equipped with strong but delicate parts which can cause headache to the owner once they fail, due to improper care.

For Jet Ski owners to enjoy a long ride with their watercraft, they need to practice preventive maintenance along with proper repairs is a must. Hence, most owners tend to investigate DIY blogs and video online in an attempt to fix Jet Ski problems.

The good news is that you can extend the lifespan of your Jet Ski with the right tools. While there are a few DIY repairs that may work due to the similarities between the Jet Ski and other automobile parts, most of the repairs like rebuilding the engine are complex and they require expert skills.

An average handy person can find it difficult to address most Jet Ski problems especially the mechanical parts that require assembling and rebuilt.

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Before you get started with the repair, beware that the Jet Ski carries a high electric current which may hurt you. How do you know if the battery or the starter relay is dead? But, if you put on the key and the display of the Jet Ski turns on, then the battery is weak and it needs to be recharged. You will know the starter relay is bad when you start your Jet Ski and all you get is a thud or one solid click.

In this case, you should visit a dealer to install a new one. Having a professional dealer do the installation could be worth it instead of attempting it by yourself. When the Jet Ski engine has running issues, you should begin with the basic check on the engine and the other parts linked to it to troubleshoot the problems.

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First, you should get a service manual to help you to identify and replace defective parts. If the Jet Ski engine fires, there may be spark plugs that are fouled, worn or are becoming defective. Consider replacing with new ones. Another instance may be when water is in the ignition leads or inside the sparkplug causing the engine to run irregularly.

Dry these parts out to remove water. When the fuel level is too low or it is water contaminated, you should siphon out the fuel pump and refill the tank. Clean any clogged injector and replace faulty ignition coils to troubleshoot the engine problems. This usually occurs when the watercraft flips upside down or you forget to secure the drain plugs and water fills the engine compartment.

When you are in such mess, you need to visit your dealer quickly to service the flooded engine thoroughly.

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Delaying to service flooded engines may cause long term water damage. Reverse gates of Jet Skis are operated either manually with a cable or electrically depending on the brand.

Other brands like Sea-Doo have an intelligent brake reverse which is an auto-reverse operated system. Sometimes, the reverse gate system can get jammed with objects; ensure you check it out regularly to remove these objects.

If the reverse gate still does not work, your power fuse could be faulty.Last Updated on September 2nd, Even if you take proper care of your WaveRunnerfaults may occur. To diagnose the fault, you can find the official Yamaha WaveRunner fault codes here. There could be several reasons why a WaveRunner is not starting. The simplest and most common fault is when the shut-off clip is not properly attached or the tank is empty.

Other common reasons could be electrical issues like malfunctions with the battery, spark plugs, fuses, or wires. Gas can also be contaminated or gone stale over time, which can lead to a clogged fuel line and injectors. Your WaveRunner will also not start in case of a starter motor fault.

Beyond these typical malfunctions, there could also be many other issues with your WaveRunners of course. These fall into four main categories:. The possible reasons for this may be as follows:. Throttle and RiDE level faults. Solution: Never try to start your WaveRunner with a squeezed lever!

yamaha waverunner starting problems

Release the throttle as well as the RiDE lever and try starting the engine again. Another issue could be if the levers have malfunctions. Inspect and fix them if they are broken.

Spark plugs. Solution: Remove and inspect the spark plugs carefully, as they can be defective or fouled. This is because gas can evaporate from the carburetors, leaving the oil behind. The next time you try to start the engine, the extra oil in the carburetors may cause too rich a mixture, resulting in spark plug malfunctions.

Solution: If your tank is empty just fill it up and try starting the engine again. Siphon all of the old fuel out and fill the tank up with fresh gas.

To prevent such cases always add stabilizer to the gas before the off-season, or if you are not going to use your craft for a while.

yamaha waverunner starting problems

Carburetor or fuel injection system issues. Solution: On 2-stroke WaveRunners carburetors can cause a lot of headaches, as you have to adjust them again and again.

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yamaha waverunner starting problems

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How Do I Troubleshoot a Yamaha WaveRunner?

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