Rotax 912 100ll

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Rotax 912 100ll

Some may have noticed that the Rotax manuals mention ratings of 90 and 95 respectively. These ratings are calculated based on the RON standards used in Europe and are equivalent to a rating of 87 and 91 under the AKI standards used in Canada. Fuel with a lower octane rating would obviously have an even shorter usable life. Too low an octane rating will cause pre-ignition and detonation which can damage the piston ring grooves, skirt and crown.

It is recommended to buy gas at the busier gas stations of the major oil companies, since their tanks are renewed often allowing the fuel to stay fresh and clean.

It is possible but not recommended to use LL AVGAS, since the the lead content is like cholesterol to your engine: it will accelerate wear on the valve seats, create deposits in the combustion chamber and sediments in the lubrication system and gearbox. Increased maintenance is necessary to compensate. The increased octane rating also has no marked advantage for the operation of your engine.

The gear additives are required to withstand the high stresses in the reduction gearbox. Users running mostly unleaded fuel can opt for full-synthetic or semi-synthetic oils.

Oil changes and other important maintenance tasks have to be performed more often when using leaded fuel, as described in the maintenance tasks table. A multi-grade oil is recommended. Refer to figure 1 to select the appropriate viscosity for your climate.

It contains a list of suitable oils and unsuitable oils. Bear in mind that these tests were based on a selection of oils available in Europe. These oils may not be available in Canada, or the oils available under the same designation in Canada may not use the same formulation as their European equivalents.

Also, oils only available in North America are not included in this list. Only the Rotax-recommended oil filter part should be used. Only those filters assure the correct pressure for bypass valve operation. Other filters have less filtering surface and are not made to withstand the high oil pressures the Rotax 4-stroke engines operate at.

The instructions it contains are fairly simple but require referring to a few manuals for full comprehension. Here is a more concise explanation:. The selection of your cooling liquid depends on the efficiency of your cooling system radiator size and installation, etc.

Cylinder head temperature CHT is directly related to the efficiency of your cooling system and to the dangerous presence of vapour bubbles.In it he advises that if you are going to use LL as primary fuel there are 4 things to do to increase engine life:. Yes running at cruise at rpm or better is advised, I think the CTLS manual has a warning that if you use ll you should avoid prolonged operation below The Rotax was designed to run at those RPMs all day long, if your not able to get to those RPMs during normal flight your engine is being loaded to much and can cause eventual damage.

I know it is louder in the cockpit, and even seems strange if your coming from Cessna and Pipers but your Rotax will thank you for it!

The engine and gearbox was designed to run continuously at a high RPM. Anything less is like lugging a car in high gear I think FD had a service bulletin that warned against lugging the engine on climb-out. The Rotax is better run at rpm with LL in conjunction with the Decalin lead scavenger additive. Low cruise rpms with LL just causes excessive lead build up. The higher rpms helps keep the lead blown out the exhaust and not settle places you don't want it. As far as the Dino oil you should not be using that and I hope that was Lockwood's older video.

Rotax does not recommend the mineral oil over synthetics, but does recommend semi or full synthetic. You're right not to use a full synthetic as it does not suspend the lead in LL, but you should be using a semi synthetic which does suspend the lead and is far better than a straight mineral based oil.

There are some good full and semi synthetic oils out there that most anyone can get. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.

rotax 912 100ll

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Recommended Posts. NC Bill. Report post. Posted February 2, Is running at or above RPM generally agreed? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Roger Lee. Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Go To Topic Listing.

Question regarding 100LL in the Rotax 912

Sign In Sign Up.Quick links. Paul Shuch is a Light Sport Repairman with Maintenance ratings for airplanes, gliders, weight shift control, and powered parachutes, as well as an independent Rotax Maintenance Technician at the Heavy Maintenance level.

rotax 912 100ll

Since Rotax seems to be the leading engine in the LSA world, what can one do to prolong the life of the Rotax series with LL fuel? Been in an hr machine with only LL and ran like a top. I just get 91 oct gas from the gas station in a I use ll only when going cross country Can you not just transport fuel to your plane most of the time??

Rotax 912 ULS/S

Never except during cross country and then I use Decalin. My airport doesn't like fuel in the hanger, but many of us just take it out in 5 gal. Just leave the hanger door shut and don't broadcast that you re-fuel in the hanger.

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You can still bond and ground your work. I also have 2 large 40B-C extinguishers in the hanger. Roger Lee Tucson, Az. When I asked one person about getting extra fuel storage in the hanger, they said it wasn't allowed. Of course when I brought it up to my CFI he was rather puzzled by the restriction because there are many other aircraft in the hangers that can hold 50 gallons of fuel per wing, and wouldn't that constitute storing fuel in the hanger?

Yes, yes, the fuel stored in the hanger is in the wings of the airplane vs. I'm hoping smarter folks ideas will prevail before this is all washed out. After all - there is a considerable amount of Rotax-based LSA planes at that airport. Brian Garrett brian garrett. Most have a 10 gal. The airport can make additional or stronger regulations above an approved fire code. Ours is a 10 gal. Keep the hanger shut during re-fueling and keep two extinguishers around.

It may not be above board, but may be the only way to use 91 Oct. That decision is up to you. I don't consider it my place to be breaking the rules like that.

If, when and until things change, I'll just continue to fuel up at the pump. If the powers that be that have a greater stake in things decide to take matters like this into their own hands I doubt I'll say much about it - but I don't think I would encourage it either. With my luck I'd probably be the guy to burn the hanger down and get blamed for the whole darn thing.

No one on that field who flies behind a Rotax wants to use LL even tho' there's a self-service fuel station right on the fieldso they had a long line of 20L gas containers along one wall of the hangar and would run out to the local BP when it was time to top up the planes - which of course is a regular event for them, given the of planes and of flight hours their students bring them.

My reaction is that this arrangement really was unsafe and I've used mogas regularly for years, so I'm an advocate!

Feeding your Rotax 4-Stroke Aircraft Engine

Multiple containers means they've increased their odds that one is going to be kicked over, or a seam is going to crack there was no barrier around jugs to contain weeping fueland it means they are manually handling 20L jugs each time they refuel a plane which can bring about regular spillage, even if they use a siphon and funnel.

It looked to me like this was an accident waiting to happen. I took an opposite approach as I didn't want a full of jug of gasoline standing around anywhere, hangar or garage at home. On departing for the airport, I'd put the empty tank in the trunk of the car, stop at a filling station next to the airfield, top it up vent closed and then decant the fuel immediately thereafter into the plane. The empty tank vent closed sat in the car's trunk we didn't have a hangar at the time, or I would have put it there temporarily until after we flew, if we did, and then it was returned home.I recently joined your group in preparation for buying a Sport Cruiser of Piper Sport.

One of the concerns I have is the Rotax recommendation for not using LL.

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We do not have Mo-Gas at our airport and really don't like the idea of having to fill 5 gallon gans with gass all the time. Do any of use just LL in ypour plane and has this posed a problem. Piper says it is no problem but they also want to sell me a plane. Share Tweet Facebook. Views: Sign Up or Sign In. Powered by. All Discussions My Discussions Add. Hello fellow flyers, I recently joined your group in preparation for buying a Sport Cruiser of Piper Sport. I would appreciate hearing your comments on the use of LL in the Rotax.

Thanking you in advance, Dick FRuss. Share Tweet Facebook Views: Unleaded is becoming more and more popular over time at airports, and will continue to do so over the coming years - Avgas in the long run is on the way out - environmentally, it has 7 times as much lead as old automotive leaded fuel - evil stuff.

Here's a question - how much does AvGas cost Vs Mogas? Fill up on the way to the airport - it is very little hassle in reality. If you get an air powered USD 50? Oh, and ask your airport when they are planning to convert one of their Avgas pumps to Unleaded - the first time you ask this they may look at you in a strange way, but be sure that this is the way things are going, and a lot of inductry pressure is coming for this for all the right reasons unless you happen to own an AvGas refinery.

Typically here, we fill up with Unleaded as often as we can best for our wallet, the environment, and the enginebut fill up with Avgas when away as we need to. Hope you had a good weekend. Piper is a big firm, and there is some more education to be done as to the PiperSport which is still a very new product for the organisation. If you can let us know we'll ensure they are briefed accordingly.

Hello Ben, Thank you for your response to my questions.Looking for some good, up-to-date information on the best oil choices for my CTsw S engine - and with good availability in the US.

I'm using Aeroshell Sport Plus 4 now. Seems widely available, especially via the web. I know this question will lead into the "Synthetic, semi-synthetic, or Dinosaur oil" discussion I don't know enough to have a reason to go against their recommendation and have had no oil-related issues thus far. I bought a case of it online; had it in a couple of days. You should not be using just a mineral based oil in your Rotax Synthetic oils are far superior in almost every way.

So far, so good. But I never had any problems with Amsoil either. There have been two Rotax powered airplanes here that have had the sprag clutches replaced. These were locked up by lead deposits from the oil. Both owners used LL only and no Mogas.

Both owners used synthetic oil and did not clean out the oil reservoir at their oil changes. I believe that it is strongly advised by those who work on Rotax engines that synthetic oil should not be used If you run LL. If LL is used, inspect and, if necessary, clean the lead sludge out your oil reservoir at each oil change.

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Don't use full synthetic with LL. The lead falls out of the oil and collects where you really don't want it. Semi syn will suspend the lead better and carry it away and out with an oil change. If you use a tank full of LL and have full syn in don't sweat it. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead.Re: Use of LL fuel in This website uses cookies to manage authentication, navigation, and other functions.

By using our website, you agree that we can place these types of cookies on your device. View e-Privacy Directive Documents. Reconsider Cookies You have declined cookies. This decision can be reversed. Jump to Forum. I am considering purchasing a LSA with a Rotax engine. My big concern is fuel availability. None of the airfields I fly to, or might fly to, sell mogas but they all have LL.

From what I have read, there are real problems with burning LL in your engine.

rotax 912 100ll

Is there a solution to this? What do other pilots do when they are on cross countries? Page 1 of 3 Start Prev 1 2 3 Next End. Kevin Machniak. Hi, you can use LL it is just not preferred because of its high lead content. If you use LL occasionally it won't do any harm ,if you use it all the time then there will be lead build up on valves and gearbox.

There is a percentage of LL use before you have to worry about sooner oil changes, gearbox inspections and such. I think you should be able to find all the info in the rotax owners manual and maintanence manuals available on this site thru the links above. Try the link Support then engine manuals at the top of this page.Learn how to prepare delicious gluten-free vegan baked goods,soups, hearty salads, gravies, main dishes (even pizza.

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rotax 912 100ll

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Rotax 912: Outside the Box?

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