Cloudflare cli github

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Cloudflare cli github

Multiple calls are necessary, specifying an offset to paginate through the records. Here's an example of this in PHP:. As a sidenote: I guess GitHub doesn't send email notifications for gists, because I just saw this now -- 14 months after you posted the message.

Do you intend to update your script to support the new API? It now uses the V4 API. Thank you for your help dgehri! Just found out, you probably have a typo, change that to: cf.

Have you considered putting more detailed help output into this? Would be nice to have some examples; eg, in my use case I want to take ngrok output and assign the temporarily assigned domain to a CloudFlare name alias.

It'd be neat to see this kind of example in a help. Skip to content. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Code Revisions 14 Stars 12 Forks 1. Embed What would you like to do?

Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. This comment has been minimized.

Sign in to view. Copy link Quote reply. What is the proper way to use delete? Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in to comment. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Ensure base path exists.Want to automatically deploy Workers directly from a GitHub repository? Now you can with our official GitHub Action. This Action is an extension of our existing integration with the Serverless Framework.

It runs in a containerized GitHub environment and automatically deploys your Worker to Cloudflare. We chose to utilize the Serverless Framework within our GitHub Action to raise awareness of their awesome work and to enable even more serverless applications to be built with Cloudflare Workers. This Action can be used to deploy individual Worker scripts as well; the Serverless Framework is being used in the background as the deployment mechanism.

GitHub Actions allow you to trigger commands in reaction to GitHub events. These commands run in containers and can receive environment variables.

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Actions could trigger build, test, or deployment commands across a variety of providers. They can also be linked and run sequentially i. You can pass any command to the container that enables your development workflow. Actions are a powerful way to your workflow on GitHub, including automating parts of your deployment pipeline directly from where your codebase lives.

To visualize the entire flow see below:. To see some of the other actions out there today, please see here. Serverless applications are deployed without developers needing to worry about provisioning hardware, capacity planning, scaling or paying for equipment when your application isn't running. Unlike most providers who ask you to choose a region for your serverless app to run in, all Cloudflare Workers deploy into our entire global network.

The Serverless Framework is a popular toolkit for deploying applications that are serverless.

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The advantage of the Serverless Framework is that it offers a common CLI to use across multiple providers which support serverless applications. Please check out our docs here to get started. If you run an entire application in a Worker, there is no cost to a business when the application is idle. If the application runs on our network Cloudflare has PoPs as of writing thisthe app can be incredibly close to the end user, reducing latency by proximity.

Additionally, Workers can be a powerful way to augment what you've already built in an existing technology, moving just the authentication or performance-sensitive components into Workers. A repo using this Action can just contain the Worker script to be deployed. Alternatively you can also provide a serverless. Get started learning about our integration with Serverless here.

Your Worker script, and optional serverless. The Serverless Framework picks up these files and deploys the Worker for you. All the relevant variables must be passed to the Action as well, which include various account identifiers as well as your API key.GitHub offers a web hosting service whereby you can serve a static website from a GitHub repository.

Unlike ancient desktop tools like FrontPage and Dreamweaver which lacked a content model, modern static site generators have the design decisively separate from content. Typically, CMS-based sites must query a database for content, then render the HTML to be served to the end user; all this to serve the same content for request after request.

Even with caching this combination is hardly elegant for sites where only the administrator changes the content. With static sites the web server merely needs to serve static HTML to an end user. This has profound performance benefits; static sites walk whilst dynamic sites crawl.

Above this, the ability to track all site changes in a Git repository adds better control when it comes to collaborative editing.

No need to worry about patching PHP or plugins with insecure database queries.

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Chicago: National Prtg. For this tutorial, I will be using Jekyll as a static static site generator. Jekyll works by taking a bunch of markdown files and outputting the HTML necessary for a static blog.

There is a great list of generators on a site called StaticGenincluding a static site generator written in Go called Hugo. Assuming you have a Ruby version greater than 2. To create the blog simply run:. From here I can cd into the plants directory and serve the blog on my local computer as follows:.

Be sure that the repository name is all lowercase.

cloudflare cli github

In this repository, whatever is in the master branch ends up published on icyapril. We can now push files to our host by adding the origin as GitHub; make sure the URL of the origin is customised to be your own repository:. In order to for GitHub to accept traffic from this domain, we need to create a CNAME file in our repository which contains the hostname to accept traffic for.

Be careful if you choose to set this though, it may render your site inaccessible if you wish to choose to ever turn HTTPS off. When deploying your site you can use the Purge Cache option in the Cache tab on CloudFlare to remove the cached version of the static pages. WillMcC on WikiMedia. Firstly a word on security. If you are deploying a JavaScript app which communicates with remote APIs, be sure not to use this for sensitive data submissions.

GitHub Pages, CloudFlare and a static site generator combine to create fast, secure, free hosting for static sites. Want to automatically deploy Workers directly from a GitHub repository? Now you can with our official GitHub Action Product News. Cloudflare Network. Deep Dive.Millions of developers rely on GitHub to make building software more fun and collaborative, and gh brings the GitHub experience right to your terminal. We started with issues and pull requests because many developers use them every day.

cloudflare cli github

Check out a few examples of how gh can improve your experience when contributing to an open source project and learn more from the manual. Find an open source project you want to contribute to and clone the repository.

And then, to see where maintainers want community contributions, use gh to filter the issues to only show those with help wanted labels. Find an issue describing a bug that seems like something you can fix, and use gh to quickly open it in the browser to get all the details you need to get started.

Create a branch, make several commits to fix the bug described in the issue, and use gh to create a pull request to share your contribution. Get a quick snapshot the next morning of what happened since you created your pull request. One of the maintainers reviewed your pull request and requested changes.

You probably switched branches since then, so use gh to checkout the pull request branch. We never remember the right commands either! Create an issue in our open source repository or provide feedback in our google form. April 16, April 15, Back to GitHub. Filter lists to your needs Find an open source project you want to contribute to and clone the repository. Quickly view the details Find an issue describing a bug that seems like something you can fix, and use gh to quickly open it in the browser to get all the details you need to get started.

Create a pull request Create a branch, make several commits to fix the bug described in the issue, and use gh to create a pull request to share your contribution. View the status of your work Get a quick snapshot the next morning of what happened since you created your pull request.

cloudflare cli github

Easily check out pull requests One of the maintainers reviewed your pull request and requested changes. Make the changes, push them, and soon enough the pull request is merged—congratulations! Related posts. April 16, Community. April 15, Company.GitHub CLI can help you minimize the amount of time spent context switching between the terminal and the browser.

GitHub CLI includes commands that bring issues and pull requests to your command line. GitHub Help. Getting started with GitHub. Setting up and managing your GitHub user account. Setting up and managing your GitHub profile. Authenticating to GitHub. Managing subscriptions and notifications on GitHub. Receiving notifications about activity on GitHub.

Setting up and managing organizations and teams. Setting up and managing your enterprise account. Setting up and managing billing and payments on GitHub. Writing on GitHub. Creating, cloning, and archiving repositories. Using Git. Committing changes to your project.

Cloudflare Workers Documentation

Collaborating with issues and pull requests. Managing your work on GitHub. Building a strong community. Searching for information on GitHub. Importing your projects to GitHub. Administering a repository. Visualizing repository data with graphs. Managing security vulnerabilities. Managing files in a repository.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Using Cloudflare Workers, you'll deploy an application that will randomly send users to one of two webpages.

This project will teach you how to write applications with the Cloudflare Workers API, manage and develop them using the command-line tool Wrangler, and deploy them to the free workers. The Workers Quick Start in the documentation shows how to get started with Wrangler, creating a project, and configuring and deploying it. We highly recommend that you spend time reading and following along with this guide!

Quick Start

To begin, install the Wrangler command-line tool. Using the generate command covered in the Quick Startgenerate a new project with a name of your choice:. The recently launched wrangler dev feature will allow you to begin developing your application using localhost - this means that you can test your project locally and make sure it works, without having to sort out deployment until later in the exercise. Note that a major benefit of using wrangler dev is the ability to output console.

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The response will be an array of URLs, which should be saved to a variable. Every Workers user has access to a free, unique workers.

Cloudflare Open Source

Following the Quick Start linked above includes setting up a workers. Using wrangler's publish command, you can deploy your application and make it available under your workers.

Make sure to include this when you submit your project! When submitting your project, you should prepare your code for upload to Greenhouse. The preferred method for doing this is to create a "ZIP archive" of your project folder: for more instructions on how to do this on Windows and Mac, see this guide. In addition to submitting your project code, you should also submit the URL of your deployed project see "Deployment". This will be in the format your-project-name. For each variant page, there are a number of items on the page that can be customized.

Try changing the following values inside of the variant, adding your own text or URLs:. If a user visits the site and receives one of the two URLs, persist which URL is chosen in a cookie so that they always see the same variant when they return to the application.Strong partnership between industry leaders is what makes Internet standards innovations possible, and we look forward to our continued work together.

What does this mean for you, a Cloudflare customer who uses our services and edge network to make your web presence faster and more secure? Standards innovation on the Internet has historically been difficult because of a chicken and egg problem: which needs to come first, server support like Cloudflare, or other large sources of response data or client support like browsers, operating systems, etc?

Both sides of a connection need to support a new communications protocol for it to be any use at all. Mozilla Firefox expects to ship support in a nightly release soon as well.

cloudflare cli github

Coordinated by the Internet Engineering Task Force, industry partners, competitors, and other key stakeholders can come together to craft standards that benefit the entire Internet, not just the behemoths. Over the past few years, we've been working with Cloudflare and other industry partners to test TLS 1.

Cloudflare's early server-side support for these protocols has helped us work the interoperability kinks out of our client-side Firefox implementation. We look forward to advancing the security and performance of the Internet together. As the web evolved, browsers found themselves needing more and more concurrency when fetching and rendering web pages as the number of resources CSS, JavaScript, images, … required by each web site increased over the years.

While connections would still be reused to a certain but lesser extent, we were back at square one. But, yet again, this was no silver bullet!

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However, all requests and responses are equally affected by packet loss e. The role of TCP is to deliver the entire stream of bytes, in the correct order, from one endpoint to the other.

When a TCP packet carrying some of those bytes is lost on the network path, it creates a gap in the stream and TCP needs to fill it by resending the affected packet when the loss is detected. While doing so, none of the successfully delivered bytes that follow the lost ones can be delivered to the application, even if they were not themselves lost and belong to a completely independent HTTP request. So they end up getting unnecessarily delayed as TCP cannot know whether the application would be able to process them without the missing bits.

QUIC streams share the same QUIC connection, so no additional handshakes and slow starts are required to create new ones, but QUIC streams are delivered independently such that in most cases packet loss affecting one stream doesn't affect others.

Combining these steps means that encryption and authentication are provided by default, and also enables faster connection establishment. QUIC enforces delivery order of bytes within single streams, but does not guarantee ordering among different streams.

So how do we go from exciting standards documents to working implementation? You can find it on GitHub at github. As mentioned above, we have started on-boarding customers that signed up for the waiting list. If you are on the waiting list and have received an email from us communicating that you can now enable the feature for your websites, you can simply go to the Cloudflare dashboard and flip the switch from the "Network" tab manually:. Then build it.

You need a working Rust and Cargo installation for this to work we recommend using rustup to easily setup a working Rust development environment. We'll continue updating our implementation as standards evolve, which may result in breaking changes between draft versions of the standards.

Just like TLS 1. Below is a summary recap of how we celebrated Birthday Week Performance on the web has always been a battle against the speed of light — accessing a site from London that is served from Seattle, WA means every single asset request has to travel over seven thousand miles If you have seen [our other post] you know that we released WARP to the last members of our waiting list today.

With WARP our goal was to secure and improve the connection between your mobile devices and the Internet Product News. Cloudflare Network. Deep Dive. Life Cloudflare. Alessandro Ghedini.


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